Another Year Older

11:12 AM

Well, today is my birthday and we (me and my sis) celebrated it at CrustAsia. My sister wants me to invite my friends for dinner but unfortunately they are not available. I told her that I'll just treat my friends out for dinner the next day. Anyways, our first plan is to eat at burgoo (podium) but when I arrived there, I was craving for seafood, so we ate at CrustAsia instead. We ordered garlic oil Lobster, buttered oatmeal shrimp, kangkong lechon and bagoong rice.

I like eating there 'coz the food are scrumptious, especially the Garlic Oil Lobster. The design of the place is really good and it has a nice ambiance. And the good thing is the price is not that expensive.

Well, I just want to thank my sister for it. And thanks to everyone who greeted me.

P o d i u m , O r t i g a s

Scrumptious food, good ambiance and friendly crew.

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