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Wednesday, August 29, 2007
Well, today is my birthday and we (me and my sis) celebrated it at CrustAsia. My sister wants me to invite my friends for dinner but unfortunately they are not available. I told her that I'll just treat my friends out for dinner the next day. Anyways, our first plan is to eat at burgoo (podium) but when I arrived there, I was craving for seafood, so we ate at CrustAsia instead. We ordered garlic oil Lobster, buttered oatmeal shrimp, kangkong lechon and bagoong rice.

I like eating there 'coz the food are scrumptious, especially the Garlic Oil Lobster. The design of the place is really good and it has a nice ambiance. And the good thing is the price is not that expensive.

Well, I just want to thank my sister for it. And thanks to everyone who greeted me.

P o d i u m , O r t i g a s

Scrumptious food, good ambiance and friendly crew.


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    Anonymous carlota said...

    hmmm that's look so yummy!

    late na 'to....Hapy Happy birthday! Best wishes. hugs!

    9:53 AM

    Anonymous yoshke said...

    uhm. i hate you. My mouth is watering right now. aaargh. I hate seeing sumptuous seafood pics. Heheheh.

    Belated Happy Birthday!

    1:26 PM

    Anonymous halfian said...

    yummy yummy so delicious

    4:09 PM


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