Ang hindi matapos tapos na layout
Thursday, May 19, 2005
Well, it’s been months since I started doing the layout for my blog but until now I haven’t finish it. Grrr… Di ko talaga alam kung paano ko tataposin yon hehehe… Everytime na gagawin ko yong layout ko I have a new idea na kaya yon hanggang ngayon di ko matapos tapos. Pero plan ko talaga by July dapat I have my new layout na. What’s the used of knowing how to make a website and designing if I can’t apply it in this blog diba? Kaya dapat I have to make an effort to finish it. Kasi naman yong trabaho ko sagabal talaga yon sa gimmick at sa blog hopping ko. Hmmp! Kung di lang talaga kailangan magtrabaho hay ganda sana ng buhay na maging blogger lang hahahaha… diba? Siguro, agree naman kayo lahat sa akin eh.. kung pwede lang magblog ng magblog hay! Sarap ng buhay. Basta dapat Maupload ko na rin yong layout ko ingit na tuloy ako sa mga friends ko pabago bago na lang sila ng layout.


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Remembering the surf and the sand
Tuesday, May 17, 2005
Here are some old pic in Boracay. Just saw it in my CD.

Portia, Me, Sweet, Syke, Shang

Where the heck?!?

Syke Breast awt hehehe....

Mommy Porsch whatta body :)

WoW SeXy!

Sweet Gising!!! Michael chinky eyes, Syke Blushing


Portia, Me, Sugar, Tet

With the Sexy Ladies

Sugar what a smile

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School Ban Kids From Reading Bible During recess

WhhaaatTTttttt?!? That's my first reaction. That's ridiculous. I mean why should a school principal ban kids from reading the BIBLE during recess? It's their right to do whatever they want to do on their free time. Recess is a FREE TIME. It is not a school subject.

The biggest question is: What does Principal Summa want for these kids? To fight and yell with each other? Or go and trash the school?

Well, If this kids are studying in my old school, the principal and the teachers would be really happy. It would be a change from those chaotic everyday scene during recess. Kids shouting and running around the school ground, kids fighting with each other. I mean what could a principal ask for right?

For principal Summa, be thankful that this kids are reading the bible, Not trashing and vandalizing the school. And Don't you think it's the right thing to do?


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PaNaY - CaPiZ
Monday, May 16, 2005
Picture was taken at Pan-ay Capiz. Where you can see the largest bell in southeast Asia.

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~~~check this out~~~
Sunday, May 08, 2005
Eric's is nominated for the Philippine Webby Awards :)

Guys pleaseeee pretty please verry pleaseee vote for him :)

Nice Job Ric!


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Just remembring....

My Sis And My Lola

The last time we saw our grandmother. I regret not being there in the pic.


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