Unexpected Urban Oasis
Friday, February 15, 2008
Yesterday, I went to the Orchidarium & Butterfly Pavilion with my friend Monic and I was really amazed that amidsts this polluted city there is such a place like this. A place where you can relax and enjoy the flowers, the indigineous plants, tree ferns, experience a rainforest and a man made waterfalls.

Orchidarium & Butterfly Pavilion

As I stroll around the place, I could only spot a few flowers in bloom for it's the middle of February and mostly flowers bloom in summer. But it's ok 'coz I just want to have a relaxing walk and a breathe of fresh air. The gardens landscape is really beautiful. And because of the layout of the place you won't feel the urban noise and the pollution of the city. It's like your in another place. Well, if you want to know what I'm talking about just visit the Orchidarium. It is located in the Heart of Manila, at the Rizal Park and it is open daily from 9:00AM to 5:00 Pm except Monday where they have a Nokia Day. For inquiries call telephone numbers (632) 527-6376, 527-6378

Orchidarium & Butterfly Pavilion

So what are you waiting for? Bring your family there and have fun. Oppss! Before I forgot, there is more to the place than just plants. You can also go wall-climbing, go fishing and walk at the hanging bridge (under renovation at the moment). It is also a perfect place for a Wedding Reception and gatherings. So, see you there!

Orchidarium & Butterfly Pavilion
Teodoro F. Valencia Circle, Rizal Park Manila
Telephone Numbers (632) 527-6376, 527-6378 Fax: (632) 527-6379

Uhmm... Nice

Orchidarium & Butterfly Pavilion
One of the few orchids in bloom

Isn't this beautiful?
More Photos here
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Arch of the Centuries
Friday, February 08, 2008

Another place to visit in UST is the Arch of the Centuries in front of the España Street. The Arch of the Centuries has a classic Greek or Roman style design. The details are very good and it has survived and restored many times due to the Waolrd War one when it was bombed and of course due to earthquakes.

"Any visitor or new student who enters the España main pedestrians' gate is immediately drawn to the Arch of the Centuries, right in front, about fifteen meters away. Classical Greek and Roman in inspiration with its Doric fluted columns, but baroque in its wealth of curving and embossed details, it looks like one of those triumphal arches for victorious Athenian athletes or returning Roman generals that are seen in history books. The medallion arch is usually a memorial for all distinguished Thomasians. The inscription says, "Gateway to the history of the finest breed of Filipinos". On the lower facade of the pillar, a commemorative plaque honors Jose Rizal, national hero and UST alumnus, and another plaque, Manuel L. Quezon, President of the Philippine Commonwealth, also a UST graduate. On the sides of the rectangular top of the arch are panels depicting some milestones in the life of St. Thomas Aquinas. Above all these, sits the serene, regal image of this angelic doctor, scholastic philosopher and theologian, patron of the University and of all Catholic schools.

The side of the arch facing the campus was the main doorway to the university building before it was destroyed by World War II. The stones of that doorway, now rough-hewned and eroded, were transferred and reassembled piece by piece in its present site. The side with its Grecian design facing España Street is a reconstruction of the doorway as it originally looked." (Source: UST Website)


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University of Santo Thomas
Wednesday, February 06, 2008
UST Main Building

University of Santo Thomas is the oldest university in the Philippines, not only that, it is also the World's largest Catholic Univeristy. It was founded in the year 1611 by the 3rd Archbishop of Manila, Msgr. Miguel de Benavides, O.P. with Fr. Domingo de Nieva and Fr. Bernardo de Santa Catalina. The University was first called Colegio de Nuestra Señora del Santisimo Rosario but later renamed to Colegio de Santo Tomas in the memory of the Dominican Theologian, Saint Tomas Acquinas. Well, the University has a massive and imposing structure which gave it an unpainted, gray and rugged look that was acquired through the test of time. It even withstood many earthquakes and World War2, where the Japanese forces transformed the place into a concentration camp. The main building of UST was designed by Fr. Roque Ruaño who is a priest, as well, as an engineer. Well, at the main building tower you can see a cross that symbolizes the University's mission to impart knowledge in the sacred and civil sciences.

Well, University of Santo Thomas has a really impressived structure and history. Aside from that, UST also achieved many recognitions and a number of important dignitaries have visited the place, among them are Pope Paul VI, Pope John Paul II, King Juan Carlos I of Spain (who was a Prince at that time) and Mother Teresa of Calcutta just to name a few. So, a trip in UST is really worth it. Just don't forget to see the Campus landmarks such as, the Arch of the Centuries, Benavides Monument, Beato Angelico Gallery, UST Botanical Garden, Santissimo Rosario and a lot more. I'll just let the photos speak for themselves.


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