Office Attire
Friday, November 26, 2004
Well, who would have guessed a professional in their office attire would be caught playing dance maniax, dance revolution and singing videoke in the middle of the mall? That's us. Me and my friends went out earlier and we really had a great time. Everybody is staring at us because we're like kids who are really amaze with the arcade. As if we don't usually hang-out there :) well, that's the reason why they're staring at us, because they didn't know that we already work. The people we meet there, think that we're just college students’ hehehehe... they didn't know that we're just child like (in short ABno). All the career boys were there and they kept on staring at us. As if! We're somebody from outer space. We are way older than you guys but that's ok 'coz we are young at heart hahahaha...

We almost had a fight with a girl at the videoke. As if! She thinks she's that great looking but she's not! I've seen a lot of beautiful women out there. She's like a trash ggrrrr.... hehehehe... I'm really pissed off. She really thinks she owns the world. Well, that's just what she thinks. She's a sh*t! No more no less.

Aside from that our gimmik was really great. We also went to see Dax and he's really busy. Their office was really hot 'coz the aircondition was broken. We're really sorry for their situation. They’ve been working for a week already without aircon. gosh! If I’m at their place I want stand that sh*t. The mall management should fix that damned thing before they'll go crazy. 5 mins of staying there I felt like I'm going to die and I’m looking for a fight, much more to them. Well, I hope it would be fix as soon as possible so that they won't loose any costumer a quarrel among their selves hehehehe...well, cya next time peeps!


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training + exam = WORK
Tuesday, November 23, 2004
well, i'm working but i still need to undergo training and exams. I really hate it. I'm not good in written exam so it really sucks! Aside from that we are expected to have a perfect score wahhh.... if we have a mistake we need to take the exam again until we can perfect it. grr... if we failed 3x we're suspended. Well, that's life! But thanks GOD for helping me passed it :) well, the final exam for this damned training will be on tuesday. I really hope that I can pass it.

Well, that's all for now. Be back later.


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Some things are just ain't enough
Monday, November 01, 2004
You look at me and smile,
Then take me in your arms,
Hold me and I feel safe.
You tell me that you love me,
The sparks are about to fly,
Here it comes:
It's time to kiss,
I tremble with excitement,
And hope it will never end.
Then I hear my name being called:
Far away but getting closer,
And suddenly you're gone,
Back across the room.
It was just a daydream.
I look at you longingly,
Then turn away,
Only to return to reality.

What i usually do at work :) And it's a normal think to do for it is one way of leaving our daily toils behind and slip into a mindless repose as if there's no tomorrow.


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