Floating Book Fair
Saturday, December 30, 2006
Brings Knowledge, Help And Hope

MVDOULOS is in Bacolod City from Dec. 19, 2006 upto Jan 2, 2007. This ship is listed in Guiness Book of World Record as the world's oldest active ocean-going passenger ship. Not only that, it is also the world's first floating book fair. Imagine going on board to buy books on a discount. It was really amazing. Book lovers will really have a great time visiting this amazing ship and even non-book lovers. There are many choices of books available from children's to adult, as well as religious books. Prices ranges from 50 upto 1,200 pesos which is not bad 'coz if you're going to buy in a book store it will cost you alot. As in 30-50% more.

Anyways, MVDOULOS purpose is to bring knowledge, help and hope. In order to do this they are supplying vital literature resources to the people of the world. They are encouraging people for inter-cultural understanding so they are hiring volunteers from different countries.
We had a great time on board and we bought a lot of books too. So if you're interested visit MVDOULOS now at BREDCO port, reclamation area Bacolod. And for more information and schedules just visit their website. Hope you'll have fun like we did.

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Great and Irritating day
Thursday, December 28, 2006
Good Morning everyone! (1am) Hope you all had a great time during Christmas like I did. Anyways, I thought I won't be able to go online for Christmas vacation but I was wrong ;) So here I am ready to fire away hehehe..

I really had a busy day earlier which is partly great and partly irritating. Irritating because I planned to hangout at Cafe Bob's to download some songs for my sister while chatting with my friends over coffee but their wifi connection was really really slow grrr... it took us ages just for one page to download. What the?!? Before that we were at McDonald's for a bite and we asked the girl in the counter for a wifi connection, guess what the girl said "Sorry we won't have any wifi connection for a week due to some problem with the manila provider". So I don't have a choice instead we hangout at the cafe then decided to watch a movie.

Anyways, that's just the worst part of my day. While at the cafe with no wifi connection, me and my friend played some computer games while waiting for my niece to arrive. We were playing this not so fabuluos game of pocket tanks. It's like WORMS or GunBound where you shoot each other untill last man standing. Not so fabuluos because the graphics really s*cks! Hahahha.. but it was fun. Melai was really noisy and she keeps on laughing 'coz she always got hit and she's always the loossssseerrr hahaha..

Then after that we went to the mall to watch some nice movie but when we arrived we learned that it was MMLF week. Gosh! All Filipino movies. So we don't have a choice but to choose what movie is the most interesting to watch. The choices are: Enteng kabesote, Super Noypi(not sure with this one), Shake8, Mano Po 5, Kasal Kasalo Kasali, Nativity(the only english film). And we decided to watch SHAKE 8 just to see if it's really scary. Well, it's not that scary at all. I mean almost everyone, esp. my niece, shouted their lungs out but me and Melai was just plain watching it. I wasn't scared 'coz it was so predictable. Same O same O like the previous episodes. But at least the "ASWANG" looks different and kinda modern. hehehe... Anyways, me and Melai didn't act crazy like we used too. We didn't shout just for the heck of it or so that moviegoers will shout too hahaha..

But before I forgot we also talked about my ex-officemates, my ex-boss and my ex-company but mostly about the boss. Who are so --- Oh! Let's forget about that. It's not worthy to be put in this blog hahaha... Then when I arrived home around 5, I read a book and then decided to blog my day :)

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Christmas Wishlist
Sunday, December 24, 2006
All I want for CHRISTMAS are:

2. SLR Camera
3. Car?? - dream on :) all of my friends have one eksep me hehehe..

that's all for now hahaha... this is a late Christmas wishlist so I guess I have to call this wishful thinking list. what do you think? 11 hours to go Christmas na yehey!


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Christmas Break

::OUT for Christmas::
cya next year
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