Floating Book Fair

11:36 PM

Brings Knowledge, Help And Hope

MVDOULOS is in Bacolod City from Dec. 19, 2006 upto Jan 2, 2007. This ship is listed in Guiness Book of World Record as the world's oldest active ocean-going passenger ship. Not only that, it is also the world's first floating book fair. Imagine going on board to buy books on a discount. It was really amazing. Book lovers will really have a great time visiting this amazing ship and even non-book lovers. There are many choices of books available from children's to adult, as well as religious books. Prices ranges from 50 upto 1,200 pesos which is not bad 'coz if you're going to buy in a book store it will cost you alot. As in 30-50% more.

Anyways, MVDOULOS purpose is to bring knowledge, help and hope. In order to do this they are supplying vital literature resources to the people of the world. They are encouraging people for inter-cultural understanding so they are hiring volunteers from different countries.
We had a great time on board and we bought a lot of books too. So if you're interested visit MVDOULOS now at BREDCO port, reclamation area Bacolod. And for more information and schedules just visit their website. Hope you'll have fun like we did.

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