Tuesday, May 17, 2005
School Ban Kids From Reading Bible During recess

WhhaaatTTttttt?!? That's my first reaction. That's ridiculous. I mean why should a school principal ban kids from reading the BIBLE during recess? It's their right to do whatever they want to do on their free time. Recess is a FREE TIME. It is not a school subject.

The biggest question is: What does Principal Summa want for these kids? To fight and yell with each other? Or go and trash the school?

Well, If this kids are studying in my old school, the principal and the teachers would be really happy. It would be a change from those chaotic everyday scene during recess. Kids shouting and running around the school ground, kids fighting with each other. I mean what could a principal ask for right?

For principal Summa, be thankful that this kids are reading the bible, Not trashing and vandalizing the school. And Don't you think it's the right thing to do?


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