A Showcase of Philippine Treasure
Friday, August 24, 2007
Kultura Filipino has a show at SM Megamall until Sunday, Aug 26, 2007. They showcase the World Class Philippine craftsmanship. They are a one-stop shop for unique Filipino products from shell crafts from Cebu, to fabrics from Mindanao and furniture’s from Negros. Aside from that Kultura Filipino also sells a lot of products like accessories, clothes, bags and furniture from all over the Philippines.

Anyways, this store is worth checking out. Go visit their show at SM Megamall and you will be given a glimpse of the actual pina weaving, Cigar making and hand embroidery, while musicians play at the background.

Roll, add more dried leaves, then roll, then paste

Put in the wood for finishing touches. Put in the box. Taran.. the FINISH product

Pina Weaving
Slide left, then slide right, then slide left, then back again hehehe...

The famous footwork. (Hey, it's a requirement to use a sandal on the other foot :P)

The finish product


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    Blogger halfian syam said...

    Thanks a lot, i love culture stuffs.
    Hmm try to know Philippine beteer. Greeting from Indonesia :)

    8:04 AM


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