Trinoma Blogger Food Tour

10:20 PM

Yesterday, 150 bloggers were invited to join the Trinoma Bloggers Food Tour which were organized by the said shopping mall and Yehey! The tour started around 2:30 for the registration at the Cinema Lobby and meeting fellow bloggers. They divided us into 5 color groups (consist of 20-30 bloggers) that represent which floor the bloggers will start the tour. Aside from that, they also handed us a give-aways which contains Hershey's Chocolates, Ayala Notepad, Yummy Magazine and a free cinema admission ticket.


Well, it was an afternoon of fun and food. Just imagine going to 34 restaurants and eating all the food they prepared for us. It was an afternoon of pigging-out. To name a few of the 34 restaurants who confirmed for the tour were TGIF, Jack's Loft, Italianni's, Holy Cow Chop House, Fish & Co, CYMA, Bubba Gump, The Madison Grill, Hosseins Persian Kebab, La Maison, Crustasia, Cabalen, Terriyaki Boy, Super Bowl of China, Bacolod chicken Inasal, Conti's and Bread Talk. Isn't that wonderful? Well, we didn't get the chance to go to all 34 restaurant ''coz we were full after our 5th stop and of course we run out of time for being such a camwhore ;) The tour ended with a band performance by SOUND and raffles prizes were given away. Unfortunately, I didn't get any grr..


Well, all in all it was a great and fun experience. There are food that are ok and there are those that are really sumptous. So here are some of my favorites from last night tour. I'll just let the pictures talk for themselves. Opps! Sorry! I don't have a photo of La Maison's sumptous Creamy Wine Mussels. But I asure you it's really very yummy.

Holy Cow Cheesecake is the best cheesecake I ever tasted. It will satisfy everyones sweet tooth.

Hosseins Persian Kebab has the best interior design. If you want an intimate dinner this is the place to be.


More photos here.

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