2008 World Pyro Olympics

4:55 PM

New Years eve already passed by but still we want to see beautiful fireworks and be enthrallled by it. Well, don't fret 'coz once again the skies of Pasay will shine for the 3rd WOrld Pyro Olympics. This year Pyro Olympics competition will be held at the Manila Bay late February. It will showcase the craftmanship, creativity and artistry of the World's fireworks master. I assure you that this will be the best of the best when it comes to fireworks display. So, if I where you guys leave your calendar open on the following dates and witness this amazing event.

World Pyro Olympic Schedule
by La Mancha Pyro Productions

February 16 - China and Germany
February 23 - Japan and Australia
March 1 - Korea and Dubai
March 8 - Italy and Venezuela
March 15 - France and the Philippines.

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