the love that never was

10:03 AM

Yesterday, one of my friends asked me if I still have the negatives of our pictures when we were in college. So, I started going through some of my old and treasured things when I came upon this poem. I told my friend about it and she just laughed at me. We don't know where these words came from. Nagulat talaga ako 'coz I'm not really into writing. When I was in High school and college pagpinapagawa na kami ng poem or article nagpapagawa ako sa mga friends ko. Usually si April yong gumagawa ng mga poems namin nong HS. Pero ha! ok naman yong poem kahit papano. It's a long poem pero edited na kaya nga may mga bad words hehehe… sorry to those people na ayaw sa mga ganun.


I thought I was in love,
I thought it would be forever,
I thought nobody could shutter it,
But I guess that was just a thought.

I never felt anything like it,
I never even thought I could feel that way,

I never even thought of anything,
But that f**king love that would never be mine.

F**k it!
I was stupid enough to fall for it.
Damn me for falling.
That was just a love that never was.

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