Tropezz Restaurant Bar

10:33 PM

st Monday, my friend MM, Mei and I went to Greenbelt for a quick lunch, or should I say dinner 'coz it's already 4PM. While, brainstorming (hahaha..) where to eat, one of our friend, Tintin, text that we should try Tropezz Restaurant Bar 'coz according to her the place ambience is really good and the food are great. So, we went there, even though we don't have an inkling on what to eat.

When we arrived at Tropezz, we asked the waitress what’s their best selling food and she said we should try Spag tropezz. So Mei decided to order Spag Tropezz and I ordered Linguine de adobo, while MM, who arrived 2hours later, ordered Tropezz belly mucho. Well, the food is great, the servings are very large and what’s best is the prices are affordable. Also if you're hanging out with friends they have a live band every night around 9PM 'till the wee hour in the morning.

Well, this is a must try Restaurant Bar. So, what are you waiting for?

Tropezz Restaurant Bar
Greenbelt 3

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