It's below the belt

10:06 AM

I was watching ET Online last night when I heard the story about Michael J. Fox, the guy most girls dreamed of in the 80’s at the peak of the movie “Back to the future”. The title of that article/clip was “Michael J. Fox Gets Political”. I was really shock how people reacted to Mr. Fox doing a commercial about Parkinson’s disease. As we all know Michael J. Fox has been battling the said disease for over a decade already and I think he’s desperate to have a cure for this.

Aside from that, I was really outrage when Mr. Rush Limbaugh said that Michael J. Fox is exaggerating his disease, the shaking, in the commercial. And he really made a reenactment of it. He shakes all over. What the heck?! Mr. Limbaugh doesn’t have a right to do that. It’s not a joke. It’s a life time disease. We can’t laugh or criticize people who have that horrible disease we should be sympathetic instead.

Politics or not, we don’t have a right to slam Mr. Fox or other people who have that disease. I know the point of Mr. Limbaugh about how the democrats are exploiting MJF illness. So he should talk about democrats and republicans not attack MJF in this manner or accuse him for exaggerating an illness he has. That’s wrong. MJF is just a political victim. I don’t hate Mr. Limbaugh for saying those things ‘coz that’s his opinion. But he should be more sensitive of the feelings of others especially with a disease that slowly killing them.

People may tell me that I’m ignorant about this issue, whatever!? I’m not talking about politics ok?! I’m talking as a human being. This article is not about Dem. Or Rep. It’s about what Mr. Limbaugh said that MJF could have been acting or exaggerating that didn’t set well with me ‘coz it’s really below the belt.

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