1st time

1:59 PM

Gimmik!?! The last time I went on a gimmik with my friends was 3 months ago and I can barely remember it. It’s just that, all I do now a day is dispute, dispute and dispute. Or handle police report and disclose, disclose and disclose. That’s the only thing that keeps me up all night. Sleeping all day and dispute all night. What can I say? We’re the night crawlers :)

Since I started working 8 months ago, I barely go out and have fun. We don’t have as much time as we used to. We always plan to go bar hopping but unfortunately, the office always comes up with things to ruin it. Like overtime on our day off. Not just an OT but a force OT and over-over time (grrr… it suckz!) We really don’t have a choice but to work or else we will have a memo. Even if we are sick and tired we still go to work or else risk having a memo.

But last Sunday was a blast! (Ohs!? Blast ba talaga?) We went to Palacol in Antipolo. It’s a private swimming pool, owned by our officemate uncle. We went swimming and we drink the night away hehehe... and after that we went to Me-I’s house.

I really can’t remember what happened because I was in the CR for hour’s hahahaha… Everybody was swimming and having fun while I was there suffering from my stupidity lolz. I really don’t know what got into me. I mean I’m used to drinking and I haven’t experience being drunk. Gosh! That was the first time. (Porsh, yeah I know now what you always feel and I saw what you also saw lols) What can I say? Another experience for me to remind me of my stupidity hehehe...

Thanks MeI for letting us stay at your house after the outing. And for cooking pancit canton and letting us drink coffee and milk. Even though your cousin died still you were there to help us. Thank you and condolences to your family.

***Mommy porsh: Now I now kung paano maging lasing. Akala ko pa naman dati na ang tangera di nalalasing mali pala ako. Whehehe… There’s a first time for everything pala. Kag kung sunlogon ta ka you have something na para pambato sa mga sunlog ko whehehe.. suyaan mo teh subong ako na ang masuyaan hehehe…

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