-= passing away =-

9:56 PM

Earlier we(me,my sis & cousin) were in Megamall watching a movie when we recieved a text message saying that my grandmother just died around 3 in the afternoon. We're not really expecting it. I thought that she's already ok but I guess that was just a thought.

My lola was really strong before the accident happened. So we're really shocked when the truck hit the house and the tricycle which killed almost 4 people and injured my lola and her companions. It happened 7months ago in the province. It just show how strong my Lola is. The doctor said that she will live for a month or 2 only but she shocked the Doctor by living for 7 months.

We, my sisters and I, don't really see our lola that much because we grew up on our father's side of the family, but we really love her and care for her. We hope that you'll be in the right hand of God the father.

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