PAL suckz!

7:24 PM

Grrr... we're going home this thursday so I called Philippine Airlines for a reservation. The booking representative told me that we had the reservation, so I asked her when will be the expiration/deadline for payment. She told me that the deadline is 12noon on jan 18,2005. It was ok with me because we don't have the money yet and we plan to withdraw on monday or on tuesday morning before the deadline at noon.

Well, what really pisses me was that when I called PAL to ask where I could get the ticket, they informed me that it was cancelled yesterday. So I told them that I really asked the agent about the deadline and that she told me it would be by noon today. I try to asked them to reconsider it because it's not my fault. They gave me the deadline but they cancelled it without telling me or my sister. They tried to book us again but to no avail, So I don't have a choice but to find another flight. I already filed for a leave and it was already approved so I can't change my schedule, I have to leave on thursday. I don't want to waste my leave.

I went to megameall to try and get a 9am flight on thursday but unfortunitely there was no available promo on the side flight and the flights after that. If I'll get the 9am flight with a higher rate + the agency's commision it's more expensive. I decided to go to makati on PALs main office. I arrived there around 11:25am.

I'm sleepy, tired and hungry 'coz I had an overtime, but still I went there. Just to be greeted by the guard with a number 272 wahhh... Imagine no. 272 and they are just calling no. 50 when I arrived there. I spent all my afternoon there waiting for my number to be called. 6 hours I waited and waited just to be informed that I can't avail for the 1500 promo. It's a useless trip wahh... I should have bought the ticket in Philippine Airlines Megamall(travelpros). They just marked it up for 20% I guess. But it's better because you can have your ticket asap rather than going in the main office and waste your time waiting. Well, luckily I was given a promo ticket, I'm really happy but the sad part is, the sched for the flight is 5:15am. I have a work from 9pm-6am. And we are not allowed to have undertime. So what can I do? ==>> ABSENT!ABSENT!ABSENT! (One thing I can think of right now----OFFSET) :(

I've learn my lesson with this hehehe... never trust your reservation via phone lols. But in fairness PAL is really a great airline. And A lot of cutie crew.

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