Saturday, July 16, 2005
Finally the Harry Potter book 6 is out in the market. I already got one after a very long wait :) (almost 2 years?!?) The gang is back with a vengeance.

I got my copy from Powerbooks and they gave me freebies as one of the first to buyer hehehe... Aside from that, they also gave me a discount :) thanks guyz!

Ok bye for now. Got to continue the gangs adventure.


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    Blogger Maycee said...

    hi thanks for dropping by my blog! :) wow...how much did you get your HP book 6 at powerbooks??? i heard its sold for Php1,500.00---> it's too expensive.

    4:07 PM

    Blogger buRpday guRL said...

    hey tynz, thanks for droppin by my blog. this is ariane btw. :) since cebu doesnt have powerbooks, i reserved a copy at national bookstore. they gave a 10% discount and a P100 book coupon. ok na rin kesa wala talaga. how'd you find book6?

    7:41 PM

    Blogger Kai said...

    hey! thanks for dropping by my blog. sorry it took me a while before getting back to you. :) btw, i've posting something on my blog about another HP fan, it's quite freaky though. have a good one!

    5:55 AM

    Blogger krisha said...


    9:02 PM

    Blogger AudreyRose said...

    the actual price is 1500 but they gave me a discount and they have freebies for the first 100 hp6 buyers :)

    9:31 AM


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